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Friday, September 30, 2005

Slow Hands

Blur have described their forthcoming album as unambitious punk rock, because they lack a talented guitarist following Graham Coxon's refusal to rejoin the group. Damon Albarn wants fans to be prepared for a completely different sound because he will be playing guitar on the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2003's Think Tank. Coxon quit the band in 2002 to pursue a solo career but there were hopes he would return to work on Blur's eighth studio album which is expected to be completed next year. Albarn says, "We decided that if we're going to make another record it's just got to be the three of us and I've got to play guitar. And because I'm such a rudimentary guitarist it has to be really stupid and basic punk rock." Sigh. I want to hear more Parklife-s, Country Houses and Beetlebums. Not another Mcfly+Sum41 production.

After the goal-less draw CL game at Anfield :
Wang Meng Meng : Have we ever seen master tactician Mourinho so stumped?
Tohari Paijan : For once, The Special One did not make any noise before or after this game. He did not try to stir up any controversy like he usually does. He knows that he has met his match in Benitez. The Liverpool manager has showed the world how Chelsea can be contained while the Portuguese just sat on his bench, not knowing what to do. Liverpool had the upper hand in almost every department. They defended tremendously, had superior possession and looked the more likely side to win. Honestly, they look like the only team that knows how to stop Chelsea from scoring. In the return game, I expect Mourinho to put either Joe Cole or Eidur Gudjohnsen back into the line-up to feed the strikers but Benitez is such a meticulous manager that he has probably prepared a solution for this as well.

After watching this brilliant Cech gk dude for more than one season, I've found out exactly who he resembles...

An unknown Aussie is in the frame to be the new James Bond. Producers will screen test Sam Worthington, 29 - whose biggest role to date was in a Macbeth remake in Oz. Bond has been played by an Aussie before - George Lazenby in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Daniel Craig, 37, had been the favourite to take over Irishman Pierce Brosnan's role for Casino Royale. A decision is expected next month. Both not dashing enough to take over the sacred role. Maybe their charisma would be good enough to convince.

Jennifer Garner is making the most of her pregnancy. She said, "I'm just trying to make up for every carbohydrate I never ate. I'm trying to get really friendly with carbohydrates." Hopefully she won't reach the 'villa wellness' appetite status.

Same situations but from different point of views:
Techno guy :
Hey, this is Mr Vain. Although I have been your superhero lover for some time, sorry that things didn't work out. Guess I'll dance alone with some china girl at 9pm till I come home. Let it be the night tonight where you'll put 'em high. We've had a crazy, sexy, marvellous time and I still remember you like yesterday. Hope you can find a new kosmiklove who gives you a piece of heaven. But everytime you needed me for any advice, just ring. No matter what, we are always together in my electric dreams.

Oldies guy :
Hi there. There are some things I would like to say. Although you have been my calender girl for some time, both of us somehow suddenly became strangers in the night. I guess that is just the way you are. Maybe I've spoilt it all by saying something stupid, or maybe you've lost that lovin' feeling. Those nights by the moon river were the best times we've shared. Now, as tears go by, I can't smile without you. No matter what, I hope you will dream a little dream of me.

Kate Hudson has sparked worries for her health - after she was photographed looking worryingly skinny. Friends of the actress think she needs to plump up after shedding pounds following the birth of her son 20 months ago. Quoted a source - "Her friends think Kate has gone too far. She's now just skin and bone. She was once envied for her curvaceous body. She needs to put on weight." Kate recently admitted she started a punishing regime to lose her baby weight and was so exhausted she even broke down and sobbed on the treadmill. She said: "It was incredibly emotional. I did absolutely everything I could to get back in shape. I'd lose 20lbs, then I wouldn't lose anything for two weeks. I'd be working out and working out, having no rewards. I was so tired, I'd cry on the treadmill." Poor thingy. But she still looks droolingly stunning to moi. Same reaction occurs just like when Robster saw Keira.

Lindsay Lohan is gonna bare all for an upcoming Vanity Fair cover. She is keen to show off her healthy figure and has chosen to get naked for the style magazine. Lindsay shot the top secret cover photo on a beach in Malibu, California last week - and it was actually her idea to pose naked. Apparently, she was inspired by Paris Hilton's V.F cover who was topless and covered her boops with her arms. In some of the photos, Lindsay mimics her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Wonder what Hilary and Ashlee thought about this...

Paris Hilton has been cleared of allegations she offered teens alcohol and marijuana before taping a segment of her reality show The Simple Life. Baltimore police have reportedly found no evidence to substantiate the claims. When the allegations initially broke, a spokesman stated, "Paris would never endanger the welfare of a minor." Paris is currently terrified of the paparazzi and stalkers who make it impossible for her to live a normal life. She says, "The paparazzi, they pretty much live outside my house - they're so annoying. And stalkers. I come across them all the time." The hotel heiress is frightened that snappers and intrusive fans will damage her relationship with shy fiance and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. She says, "My boyfriend hates it all - he's very low-key and he hates cameras and says the only bad thing about dating me is them." What a wussy boy.
Meanwhile, she has announced plans to release a second book but she wants her fans to write it this time around. Currently preparing a sequel to her book 'Confessions Of An Heiress' , which includes a partially empty journal. 'Your Heiress Diary : Confess It All To Me', due in Nov 05, will feature more than 150 photographs of her, along with messages from her guiding the reader on subjects to write about. That's a nice idea. Other high profile celebs should follow suit.

Pete Doherty has been voted the man most in need of a fashion makeover. A new poll by some cuff link manufacturer Square Mile put the indie rocker in first place with a whopping 53 per cent of the vote.

Here's the list of the the Top Five Celebrity Messy Men:
  1. Pete Doherty - 53%
  2. Johnny Vegas - 10%
  3. Simon Cowell - 9%
  4. Wayne Rooney - 9%
  5. Jeremy Clarkson - 5%
Kapranos has given Pete a glowing report it seems. While the rest of indieland is still in two(or three) minds about whether or not they can forgive Pete for his shambolic live performances, punching Johnny Razorlight and.. everything else, Franz's lead singer has something nice to say about the babyshambles guy. "Pete Doherty is a brilliant songwriter. 'Fuck Forever' is a real anthem. I was really impressed when I saw him perform in Paris."
Hmmm. At last someone gives him credit for his musical genius. This boy is so spectacular; not a boy but a wealthy bachelor.

Rachel Stevens sings a "dirty" song about a French hooker on her new album. The singer has confessed new track 'Je M'appelle' is about sex. When asked what she means when she sings, 'Je m'appelle Rachel, Fire away!', she replied: "You don't want to know. It's something dirty. The track is about a French prostitute, so you can probably work out what 'fire away' is referring to".
Rachel has also admitted a lot of her songs have sexual connotations, stating - "A lot of the tracks sound like they're about sex, don't they?" Last year, top producer Richard X claimed Rachel's hit single 'Some Girls' was about oral sex. Well, after analyzing the dance moves and scenes from that video properly, there may be some truth in that ya know. The song is still very goldfrapp-y nice.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Life For Rent

Rob Schneider believes he may have discovered Britain's next great acting talent in Rachel Stevens and he's tipping her to be the next Tom Cruise. He was impressed with Stevens' acting when she appeared alongside him in Deuce Bigalow : European Gigalow, and he has urged her to hang up her microphone and learn to act properly. "Rachel could do it. But she needs to want to do it and put herself out there. As soon as you do that, things will happen, but it's tough to make the transition. She's a big star in Britain but it's tough being accepted as an actress. It's like Tom Cruise who wasn't the best actor when he started out, but after a while he started to learn his craft." No no no. She should stick to singing. Acting can come sometime in the future. Meanwhile, the pop world needs a huge dosage of her 'funky dory' music. They are just so good, so good, so gooooood...

Hugh Grant wants to play James Bond, if producers agree to make the next movie in the style of the original 007 films. He thinks the more recent Bond films have lost the charm and comedy of those made famous by previous superspies Moore and Connery. But he's more than willing to slip into the currently vacant tuxedo if called upon to recapture the original Bond. "I don't think it's up my alley unless the films are taken back to their original period. I think Bond looks a bit weird now. If you go back to the early ones, that air of chauvinism works better." Yes. Bond needs a charismatic, world class, cool, good looking dude with a good director and scripting like those in the 70s and 80s. But if Hugh were to be Grant-ed that slot, it would spoil the work of the best director and scripting. Next!

Stephanie was fired this week. Alex & that tobacco chewing guy Chris initially had an argument during the pizza delivery sales, where Chris felt jealous about Alex chatting up the women customers and told him to concentrate on taking the calls. But Stephanie did a very weird thing by wasting time travelling some distance to self-deliver the pizzas some people have pre-ordered the day before. The sales takings suffered due to that and she received the dreaded decision. Alex preferred to work with Chris rather than Stephanie. Interesting.

Michelle seems to have PMS during the trip to South Africa. She looks to be very emotional for not being 'in the group'. While travelling in the open space with wild animals, the gang was told to keep quiet when surrounded by lions. Brittnay still kept blabbering and was told to shut up. During the photoshoot, Keenyah's belly was a bit out of shape due to her non-stop eating habits. During the judging, almost all can't act out the word 'aloof'. Christine learnt a new way to get a better look by putting a tissue roll underneath her upper lip. They decided that Michelle was not up to the standard that she was expected to achieve and was sent home.

This quiz thingy is very accurate! It would be a cool idea to have another test to show whether one is good on the dancefloor while dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984..

The new Girls Aloud single is Biology. It will be released on November 14. It was believed to be better than 'Long Hot Summer' and it is not a ballad. least life did not got colder.

Avril Lavigne celebrates her birthday today. The Canadian pop rocker, whose hits include Sk8r Boi and Complicated, is 21. This lady singer is anything but ordinary. A subtraction from Mr Sum41 would be nice too. She deserves better.

October 24th sees the release of "Drama", the new album from the Queens of Hedonism themselves Bananarama. Packed with pop fuelled tales of lust, madness, mayhem, passion filled dancefloors and disco insanity, "Drama" is a luscious mix of electro beats, happy house, boogie nights and even the occasional ballad.

Tracklisting :
1. Move In My Direction
2. Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)
3. Waterfall
4. Frequency
5. Feel For You
6. Don't Step On My Groove
7. Middle Of Nowhere
8. I Love The Way
9. Lovebite
10. Rules Of Attraction
11. Your Love Is Like A Drug
12. Venus (Marc Almonds Hi Nrg Showgirls Mix)
13. Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix)

The second single "Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)" it out on Nov 7th. Cool. Their venus popularity is still in the first degree..

Noel G welcomes Kasabian in his studio and there might be a high chance of doing new songs together. Kasabian plan to enter the studio on their return from the tour with Oasis, something guitarist Serge Pizzorno says his band are really looking forward to. "It's nice to just sit in a studio and start crafting and working things out," he explained. "We are so full of ideas - 'difficult second album' has even entered our heads." Step on it, electronic, shakermaker along.. with them.

Babyshambles have confirmed of their long-awaited debut album. 'Down In Albion' is released on Nov 14. A single, 'Albion' will follow two weeks later on November 28. The album contains recent single 'Fuck Forever', a new recording of their first single 'Killamangiro' and other songs including Albion, Pipedown, Loyalty Song, What Katy Did Next, 32nd Of December and Up The Morning. Poetic indie rock tunes coming soon. Woo!

Pete Doherty insists he's still on course to marry his on/off girlfriend Kate Moss this year, despite the recent furore surrounding the publication of pictures of her allegedly taking cocaine. The Babyshambles frontman is determined to wed with his supermodel lover no matter the amount of negative press they might receive. He says: "We are madly in love with each other and can't stand to be apart. We are still planning to get married later this year - a small ceremony with close family and friends. Nobody can split us up." This on/off thingy is more confusing than Radiohead's Kid A.

Bon Jovi and INXS should retire. They are has-beens whose reputations are unexciting anymore. INXS was all about frontman Michael Hutchence. He was the quintessential 80s rock star - cool, good looking and with a hint of sleaze and danger. He dated supermodels and corrupted a 21 year old woman called Kylie. He had a seemingly insatiable appetite for the hedonistic lifestyle, which probably led to his sudden death. Some joker by the name of J.B Fortune(I don't watch the crap show) won the competition to become the new vocalist for the band. Among the rock purists out there, who cares about INXS now? Same goes with Bon Jovi. Yes, they were quality back then in the 80's and early 90's but now they sound too damn cheesy compared to their original standards. That stupid fuzzy hairstyles reminiscent of Def Leppard, Mr Big, Motley Crue, etc should be totally abolished and laid to rest. Look at The Darkness. Almost any high profile band members were making fun of their music and attires. Anyways, Bon Jovi should call it a day before they are remembered as 'a cool unit but turned rubbish in the end'. Give me something for the pain, indeed.
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Flowers In The Window

Charlotte Church has hit back at Cheryl Tweedy for accusing her of copying Girls Aloud. In July, Tweedy claimed that Charlotte Church's first foray into the pop market was a 'carbon copy' of the first Girls Aloud album. Cheryl said that Charlotte has no originality and reckons she is trying to copy the image that made them a chart success. However, Church has now hit back at Tweedy, saying that "Girls Aloud wouldn't be able to sing 'Crazy Chick' if they possibly tried. They just don't have the range darling. And when they've sold as many records as me, then they can comment. Maybe Cheryl is bitter." Church don't mind the rest of them. She have met Nadine and Kimberly a few times and got along well. But she thinks that Cheryl can go and take a running jump.. I guess Charlotte-y don't need 'no good advice' yeah?

Robbie Williams has admitted that he has been enjoying a secret relationship for five months. "I've had a relationship in LA for five months that nobody knows about. I've been on about 50-odd dates that nobody knows about because there isn't the network of grasses they have in the UK. They don't know who I am in LA. Or rather, they're not bothered!" Guess he is a 'better man' on foreign soil yeah.. 50 happy women in five months, that would be like 1 for every three days. No more trippin' temper moods now huh?

Kylie Minogue is preparing to make her first public appearance since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May. It has been announced that the singer will attend a charity ball next month in London to raise awareness about breast cancer, a cause now close to her heart. A source saying: "Kylie is determined to attend the ball. It's for a very good cause and she's aiming to be strong enough to be there. She's a real fighter and wants to do her bit for the charity. It's unlikely she'll perform but Kylie definitely wants to attend and raise money for cancer research." Everyone concerned in that event would definitely 'confide in her'...

Wang-er should really shut his trap and concentrate on his own team. Awarding extra points for getting a three goal margin victory is not going to help his goons win the title. Thierry N!xau will never win the CL title in that london club. How dare he say the epl is getting more boring? It's not Chelski's fault that they had won all their games. The problem is not that the attackers are having problems scoring more, the problem is that teams nowadays know HOW to defend properly. I thought the gooners are supposed to be masters of beautiful goals, so this Wang-er better know how to get the ugly ones too, before Yungberg, Peerest, N!xau leaves the club next season. Now Queroz has been questioned by Giggsy about the new system he has implemented which is getting the wrong results. Old Master Q has also called the fans who blamed him as 'stupid'. LOL! Can't even get their teams in harmony.. No wonder that 'Phil Collins lover' Mourinho was smirking during the post match interviews last week. Arse.

Demi Moore has wed her toyboy lover - with ex-husband Bruce Willis among the guests. The Hollywood actress and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot at a Beverly Hills hotel. Willis joined 100 people at the bash. The couple separated in 1998. Demi and Kutcher began dating two years ago. One guest said of the private ceremony: "It was very last minute." A spokesman for Demi last night confirmed she and Ashton had married. If Franz were to guest perform, the memorable lines would be "Lucky lucky...he's so lucky ; lucky lucky...he's so lucky.."

--Does the EZ overcharged values nullified the undercharged ones?--

I guess for most women making love to another girl on screen would be a daunting task. But for this stunning Neve Campbell it was a piece of cake in her new highly-charged erotic thriller 'When Will I Be Loved'. The sexy star revealed the scenes were her fifth lesbian clinch on film and said she's fast becoming a girl-on-girl expert.
"That was number five for me. The first time with Denise Richards in Wild Things was nerve-wracking. I was younger and it was made a big deal of, as it wasn't such a common thing at the time." In When I Will Be Loved, Neve plays sexually adventurous 23-year-old rich girl Vera Barrie. The film also features a nice twist on hit movie Indecent Proposal when Vera agrees to sleep with Count Lupo for $1million after being 'sold' by boyfriend Ford. Maybe after watching this show, people would 'scream' for more of such characters from Ms Campbell. Her buck-teeth are so cute, so unlike the ones of some balding guy that Faria Alam was seducing...

It seems that Rapper 50 Cent has a crush on singer Myleene Klass, whom he met during an interview. Klass, 27, a former member of the British manufactured pop group Hear'Say, was really surprised when she realised 50 was flirting with her and asked her to go out on a date, while she was interviewing the rapper for a TV show.
He was incredibly flirty and even got her to sit on his knee. He then put his hand on her leg and said he could only get to sleep an hour after a show but it depended on how much 'help' he gets. In Fiddy's hood, few can resist. He is also determined to focus on his Hollywood career, wanting to become the next Denzel Washington.
That is the first step in establishing himself as an actor and thinks that Denzel and the rest are getting old. Think he may do well, as it is not a case of improving his 'piggy bank' but more of a genuine interest. In da 'movies' club a possibility?

While watching Renee Zellweger as a role of 'The Nurse' in some show, the tune 'i smell a rat' kept repeating like a whirlwind non-stop. A nice comedy movie.

Oasis - Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders? ||||

This is a fookin lovely song. I can feel some hints of 'Sunday Morning Call', 'Sad Song' , 'Half The World Away' and the beautiful violins from 'Whatever' in this track. Think it can be found in the GOAL movie soundtrack cd.

I want to be beside her / She wanna be aaaa-dmired.
You say "pleeeaaasse don't make this harder." / Nooooo, I woooon't yet...

Natasha Hamilton has got engaged to Fran Cosgrave for the second time - and vowed: "This time we are going to do it." The Atomic Kitten babe showed off her £15,000 engagement ring as she flew back to Heathrow from France with the telly celeb. Fran popped the question during a romantic holiday in Cannes. The couple, who have a three-year-old son Josh, have been engaged before but split two years ago. They rekindled their romance last month - and Fran revealed: "The break was planned and so was the ring. I am absolutely delighted Natasha has agreed to be my wife."
His grinning fiancee, 23, said: "I'm the happiest girl alive." They celebrated their engagement at a posh restaurant last Thursday, then announced it to fellow diners. One onlooker said: "Natasha was over the moon. She was beaming from ear to ear." I guess she will 'Always be my baby' for Fran. Feels so good about this news and showed that love doesn't have to hurt to feel good? You are, you are...

Socialite-turned-actress Paris Hilton has created a new $100,000 timepiece, but only 100 will be available to fans. The blonde star designed the new diamond-encrusted watch when she couldn't find the perfect timepiece for her wrist and now she has decided to offer 100 lucky fans the chance to live on Paris time. What the...
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Evil And A Heathen

Shirley Manson has dismissed reports Garbage are considering splitting up when they complete their Australian tour later this month(Sept) - she just wants to take a break while relations in the band are on a high. She says, "We have discussed this and I don't think anybody is interested in breaking up. We feel that this has been a really great tour and we feel that we have really muscled through and produced a great record, and we just want to take some time off while things are really good between us." Enough is never enough for the beautiful garbage..

Phil Neville told the press : "People said I deliberately went out to target Reyes. I've seen the video and I made two tackles on him. Two tackles on a world-class player. I think they must have it written in their contract that you can't tackle them." Only at Arsenal, where opponents cannot inflict massive pain.

Pop icon Madonna has reportedly been ousted from a magazine cover by Ashlee Simpson. The singer is preparing to embark on a press tour for her upcoming album Confessions On A Dancefloor, and sources say she was supposed to pose on the cover of Blender magazine's December issue. But publishing bosses have now dropped her in favour of Simpson. Maddy should 'take a bow' to young blood as Ashlee is now the current 'la isla bonita'... Everybody comes to Hol-ly-wood / They wanna make it in the.. neighborhood.

Bloc Party will release a brand new single "Two More Years" on October 3rd. The b-sides will include "Banquet [The Streets Mix]," "Hero" and "Two More Years (Video)."

Depeche Mode will release their comeback single on October 3rd. It will include the tracks "Free," " Precious [Misc. Full Vocal Mix]," " Precious [Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix]," " Precious [Sasha's Spooky Mix - Single Edit]" and "Precious [Motor Remix]"

Goldfrapp will release "Number 1" on October 31st. Included with the single will be remixes of 'Number 1' by Alain Braxe and Fred Falk and a remix of 'Lovely 2 C U' by T.Raumschmiere and as well as a brand new track "Beatiful."

Supergrass will release "Low C" on October 2nd. It will be the second single lifted off "Road to Ruen"

The Go Team will release a new version of "Bottle Rocket" on September 26th. The B-Sides include " We Just Won't Be Defeated," " Huddle Formation [Radio 1 Session]" and "Did You Feel It Too?"

The Kills will release a new single "No Wow" on October 31st. Some of the b-sides that are set to be included are remixes of 'No Wow' & 'The Good Ones'.

Artic Monkeys are back on October 17th with a new single "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor". The single will include 'Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts' and 'Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick.'

Westlife are hoping to record a duet with Michael Jackson (!!!!). The band's upcoming album 'Face To Face' features duets with Mariah Curry and Diana Ross, and they are keen to continue involving other artists in their work. Their manager Louis Walsh said, "Michael Jackson is an inspiration and we are approaching him. The boys have sung with Diana Ross and Mariah on their new album. "So we thought, 'Who next?' Jackson would be great." The album will be released on October 31 preceded by single 'You Raise Me Up' on October 24.
What the fook are they doing - asking the bosom slut and pontianak MJ to collaborate in the new album???
At least Diana would add some quality. The four boys might find it hard to lay their love on the listeners with those two jokers.

New videos :
Happy Mondays - Playground Superstar |||||
Robbie Williams - Tripping |||||

LCD Soundsystem returns with the long awaited release of 'Tribulations' on September 26. Taken from the massively acclaimed eponymous 'LCD Soundsystem' debut album - 'Tribulations' is a longstanding live, club and album favourite, that showcases the true depths of the LCD Soundsystem sound, fusing together punk and electro into good old fashioned pop music that barrages your senses in a blitzkrieg of melody and noise.

Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty was left red-faced after he exited a restaurant without paying for his meal in Cumbria, England, Doherty's spokesman says: "He had some food and didn't have any money on him. That's why someone had to go back to the bus. The meal came to £6.99. The person came back and only have a fiver. They've only just gone on the road. Usually there's someone around to dish out the money."
"I'm not aware if Pete said anything about being in debt or about Kate."
That 'bucket shop' can always request for an impromtu shambles song to make up for the loss. Unless the boss is some cola queen, that would a bit hard.

Hall's co-worker Ryan McKenzie was quoted about Doherty bragging about his millionaire model love, saying: "I'm 300 grand in debt. Why do you think I'm going out with Kate Moss?". Not because of other factors?? Guess Mr Ryan can't stand him now to blurt out something that sounds quite odd.

Chelsea hero Gianluca Vialli has hit out at critics of the style of Jose Mourinho's team. Vialli had a two-year spell in charge at Stamford Bridge from 1998-2000 before a disastrous season at Watford. He claimed: "Chelsea are a very entertaining side. They combine better than anybody else the fighting spirit, amazing desire to win and high-tempo play of English football with the very solid, consistent, defensive play of Italian football.
"This is possibly the best combination, and if you can manage it in England, Italy or France you are likely to win a lot. Mourinho has been brilliant to achieve that." The defence of a top Serie A team and the efficent attacking power. The standard of being champions is getting ridiculously higher. Will a team in with home red jerseys be able to stop the Portuguese ship of war??

Samantha Mumba was allowed to drive home from court after all motoring charges against her were struck out. At Dublin District Court, Garda John Faherty said he had received proof that her driving licence was in order on the date in question and added that her car had since been back-taxed. Judge Anne Ryan struck out the four charges relating to the failure to have tax or a driving licence. She is due to appear as a drug addict in a gangster film, Johnny Was, starring former Wimbledon footballer Vinnie Jones and The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey. The film is being shot in London and Belfast. Acting debut. Should be nice.

~~~If you can't make your mind up / We'll never / Get started~~

---Steve Taylor : Let me explain, Patrick. Here on earth there is a gap between seeing someone you like and having sex with them, that we like to call conversation.---

---Jeff Murdock : Rule one of playing it cool... only smile at her face.---
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dracula's Lunch

Nicole Kidman and 'Kiwi' Keith Urban were seen clubbing in New York and eating out in Hartford, Connecticut. They were also seen in Woodstock, New York, browsing round shops and eating at a health food cafe. "They're desperate to keep it under wraps. Every one of Nicole's romances since Tom has blown up. She's sworn she's not going to let this happen again." a source told. "Nicole and Keith have been hanging out clandestinely for a few weeks with no one the wiser - and that's the way they want to keep it." G & G K & K coming soon..

The Simple Life may get a little complicated this season. The stars of the reality series - former best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie - have had a falling out, and the producers of the show are trying to figure out how they can proceed even though the two aren't speaking to each other. "They're trying to figure out ways to do it where Paris and Nicole don't appear in any scenes together". Hilton suggested that her new best friend, Kimberly Stewart, the 25-year-old daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, replace Richie on the series. And the producers were like, 'Uh, Paris, Nicole has a contract.' " The solution is quite simple. Get all three together in the show. Nicole can choose to talk to Paris when she has the mood. If not, Kimberly can keep her company. Best thing - all three becoming best of buddies at the end of the series.

Morrissey is not impressed with the way in which the media are handling Pete Doherty's drug habits. The press has been obsessed with the Babyshambles frontman's heroin and cocaine addictions, which he has apparently unsuccessfully tried to shake off, for months. He said: "I'm not sure he can cope. There's a desperation to him. I sense he's on thin ice. And I don't find it amusing to report that he's in a crack house in Glasgow, two hours after a gig." Irish blood and English heart. Not easy to let them go away. He is already in the 'Cobain' stature now.

50 Cent stunned workers at Red Cat Recording Studio in Standish, Wigan, when he dropped in to record six tracks for his new album recently. Together with his G-Unit clique, they arrived at the studio, which usually caters for unsigned bands, at midnight and left six hours later. Wonder if Mike Skinner and Goldie Lookin Chain came to visit them...

Samantha Mumba is appearing in court today over a clutch of driving offences. The singer/actress will attend Dublin District Court over charges for having no motor tax or driving licence and failing to produce them last November when she was pulled over in the city by police. Hope she comes through this small ordeal.

Claudia Schiffer has such a fast metabolism she can eat whatever she likes without putting on weight, and never has to diet. The German supermodel insists people shouldn't worry about her skinny frame - she eats three meals a day, but can't put weight on. Even childbirth hasn't helped Schiffer gain weight, and she has actually slimmed more since giving birth. The mother-of-two says, "Dieting destroys your metabolism. I eat three meals a day and try not to eat in between. Before my pregnancies, I had to watch my weight. I had a personal trainer, I was working out, I'd never eat anything sweet. After pregnancies and breastfeeding, I can eat whatever I want. I can eat chips and my weight seems to be stable. Guess it's a genetic thing. The same happened to my mother when she had me." Like what Rachel would say - some girls always get what they wanna wanna...

Pete Doherty was left distraught when he arrived on the Spanish island Ibiza last Friday, because his luggage which contained the only copy of his band's album artwork had gone missing. Doherty has endured a stressful week after pictures of his girlfriend Kate Moss allegedly snorting cocaine appeared in the tabloids - and losing the Babyshambles cover design and album recording is the final straw. He says, "There's no record of my luggage - it could be anywhere between here and New York. It's got the new Babyshambles album in it and our artwork for the cover." He has also vowed to kill the "friend" who filmed his girlfriend Kate Moss allegedly taking cocaine in a London recording studio. The singer said, "Kate is devastated. There were only a few people in the room at the time - all supposed to be our friends. I will be able to work out who is responsible. There will be blood on the carpet when we work out who betrayed us. I will seek down and kill the person." All the hooligans-one gang of gin might have a bad seed huh.

No sleep for the wicked ; No fun for the good
Take it or leave it; You know that you should
No sleep for the wicked; No fun for the good
You're living a lie to where we should

Oasis will lead the race at next month's Q Awards in London after landing five nominations. Following the release of their sixth studio album earlier this year, the band have been given nods in the Best Live Act, Best Album, Best Video and Best Act In The World Today categories - as well as Best Track for single 'T.I.O.B.I'.
Other bands competing for top prizes at the British magazine's awards ceremony include Coldplay - with four nominations - U2, Kaiser Chiefs, The White Stripes, Green Day and Ms Stefani. The Q Awards takes place at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 10 Oct.

Main Nominations:

Best New Act ( Hard-Fi , Kaiser Chiefs, Jem, Magic Numbers, MIA, James Blunt )

Best Album (Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth, Coldplay - X&Y, James Blunt - Back to Bedlam, Kaiser Chiefs - Employment, Goldfrapp - Supernature)

Best Video (Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle, The White Stripes - Blue Orchid, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc, Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For, Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

Best Act In The World Today (Coldplay, Green Day, U2, Oasis, Muse)

The Strokes - Juicebox
Are you ready for the return of the Strokes? "Juicebox", the potential lead single from their forthcoming record certainly isn't short on ideas-- I count four distinct segments-- and appears to be an attempt to cut off those nagging treading-water criticisms toot-sweet. A double-time "Peter Gunn" riff, a vocal-cord-shredding "NYC Cops"-type pre-chorus, dueling guitar melodies on the hook, and a shout-to-the-heavens finale; all joust for space while the song chugs along and Julian Casablancas does his usual cold-shower thing.
Complexity may not The Strokes, and the sections, thanks to some slapdash studio-editing, fit together like a 30-car interstate crash. The distortion-fed verses smother the band's usual swagger, lines like "we've got a city to love!" and "why won't you come over heee-yerrr!" sound like they were produced by a random Strokes-lyric generator, and the chorus doesn't take off until Casablancas reveals a strangely enticing upper register (with significant help from an echo plugin) in the final reel. All signs point to Album No.3 being the dreaded/fascinating departure project, and "Juicebox" is a foreboding indication that the Strokes' delicate framework may not be able to handle it. Somehow it is hard to explain, but this song is a case of 'take it or leave it'.

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
Packed with more one-liners and show-stopping snippets than your favorite popcorn movie, The Fallen plays like a teaser trailer to the rest of Franz's forthcoming blockbuster LP. Ideas come assh*les to elbows as the band deftly maneuvers through ironic cock rock, brooding post-punk, and an anthemic sing-along section. Oh, so you wanted an action flick? Kapranos brings the violence ("What's wrong with a little destruction?"), debauchery ("So we stole and drank champagne"), religion ("If you judge us, we're all damned"), and downright fun ("Woo hoo!"). Of course, the turnarounds are too fast, too furious for anyone to follow the plot, but I'm in it for the explosions anyway. The way it grabs your attention is just like watching VJ Sarah. Won't want to stop the bloody song from ending.
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Black Math

Portia De Rossi has ruled out baring all in TV and film projects again because she has never felt comfortable shedding her clothes on screen. The lesbian star insists she'll never do it again and now has a strict no nudity clause in all of her acting contracts. She said, "I have done them in the past, which is how I discovered I just didn't want to do them. I really don't think it's because I'm gay; I just find it way too compromising."
And she's gone one step further as a mark of respect to new girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres - she won't even kiss her co-stars. De Rossi stated, "I don't want to kiss somebody I don't want to kiss." But she does have fond memories of being fondled by Elle MacPherson on the set of Sirens. She adds, "It was fantastic, are you kidding me? I mean, Elle MacPherson, what's so bad about that?" A lucky woman, indeed.

Jose Mourinho has shattered his super-cool image - by admitting he loves cheesy singer Phil Collins. The Chelsea boss, famed for sporting a long grey overcoat - is a big fan of this has-been singer. He also revealed a liking for naff singers Bryan Adams and Sting - plus ageing rock band Pink Floyd. Mourinho, said: "Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is my No1 album. Followed by Bryan Adams, a Portuguese folk band, Phil Collins and Sting." The shock admission by the Blues boss will have fans questioning his status as a style icon. Fan Darren Patterson, 29, said: "Mourinho rules Chelsea like a lion so why does he have to ruin it all by admitting he loves Phil Collins? Now I imagine him at home relaxing to Groovy Kind of Love." Mourinho also showed a dodgy taste in comedy by saying he found Mr Bean hilarious.

I can imagine Jose singing this to his wife after he got eliminated in the CL last season...

When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue
When you're close to me, I can feel your heart beat
I can hear you breathing near my ear
Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

*shivers & goosebumps*

George Clooney has found love again, just three months after his split from British Tv presenter Lisa Snowden. The actor has been dating Italian heiress Gianna Elvira Cantatore since they met through mutual friends.
A source claimed, "He met her over dinner at a hotel near his villa in Lake Como. Gianna had a bouquet of white daisies delivered to him the next day. He has even met her family." That was fast eh? G & G design labels sounds nice..

New music videos :
Rachel Stevens - I Said Never Again ////
Depeche Mode - Precious ////
The Departure - Arms Around Me ////

Europop hit 'The Ketchup Song' by Las Ketchup has been declared the catchiest summer song of all time according to a new, ultra-scientific study.

Dr Rupert Till has worked out a formula for a song's 'Catchiness Quotient' based on a number of variables including number of steps in a dance routine; distance in semi-tones between the highest and lowest notes in the chorus; number of chords and promotional spend by the record company. He said: "The Catchiness Quotient proves that there is a formula operating behind the phenomena of the Big Summer Song. Our unique formula reveals the science behind why every summer our charts are invaded by these poppy records that critics hate, but the public love."

Feeding in all the variables The Top Ten catchiest tunes were found to be:

1. The Ketchup Song - Las Ketchup
2. Macarena - Los Del Rio
3. Y Viva Espana - Sylvia
4. Holiday - Madonna
5. Agadoo - Black Lace
6. Boys (Summertime Love) - Sabrina
7. The Birdie Song - The Tweets
8. Saturday Night - Whigfield
9. Paloma Blanca - George Baker / Una Paloma Blanca - Jonathan King
10. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard

Aaah, the top two are me all time favs under funny songs categories. Others include - Calcutta, Movin On Up & Cotten Eye Joe. Don't understand why some people are turned off by these tunes. Oh well, asereje ja de je de jebu tu de jebere seibiunouva, heeeeeeeeey macarena!

Nu-wave rock bands summary :
The most compelling development is the critical mass of bands like The Kaiser Chiefs, as they're known in their native Leeds, who are successfully riding the '80s new wave sound revived four years ago by New York rockers The Strokes. In the UK, after the Scottish art rock band Franz Ferdinand opened the gates last year, skinny ties and all, a flood of similar-sounding bands has rushed in, including the Futureheads from Sunderland in northeast England, Londoners Razorlight and Bloc Party, and Leicester's Kasabian. The Futureheads' sound is inspired by the post-punk of the Jam; Kasabian take their lead from Manchester bands of the late '80s like the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays; The Kaiser Chiefs have a playful and distinctly British sound, "more Madness than Gang of Four" Wilson says, while Bloc Party share the nervy punk-funk of Gang of Four. The Bravery's album sounds like any of the recent nu-wave of rock music: the Strokes, Interpol, Franz, Killers - you can find any element from those bands in their sound. All these I laaaaaaiiikeee...

---The Mrt map of the future?---

Wayne Rooney has had a tough time of things in the press after he was inexplicably shown the red card for merely applauding the incisive decision making of referee Kim Milton Nielsen, so perhaps the wisest move for the hot-headed striker would be to keep his head down a bit. Perhaps in need of some calming influences in his life the ManUtd man was instead spotted on stage with American rapper 50 Cent, as well as Snoop Dogg look-a-like Rio Ferdinand, at a concert in Manchester just recently. 50 has an illustrious history including a time drug dealing in his native New York and the unique claim of having been shot nine times - perhaps not the best role model for a young professional footballer. Then again, 50's European tour with Eminem was titled 'Anger Management'. Imagine - instead of Detroit, Rooney blurted out 'Merseyside what, Merseyside what' after that incident.

Jennifer Aniston credits yoga with helping her get over her heartache following her split from Baad Pitt. She's not a yoga-mad type who carries a mat with her at all times, but she can understand women who become obsessed - because her classes have given her renewed strength. She said, "I'm doing the yoga thing... y'know the mind, body, soul of it all." And the star revealed she had an epiphany at the end of a yoga class recently.
She explains, "I was doing yoga with my girlfriend and we were finished and we were sort of sitting there just sort of stretching and I looked over at her and I said, 'You know what, I'm feeling a feeling I don't know if I've ever actually felt before, and that is I don't want to be anywhere other than where I am right now - sitting across from you." Road to recovery. Good for her.

Andrea Corr will appear in the upcoming thriller film 'The Thread'. Corr will appear alongside Linus Roache, Saffron Burrows and Roshan Seth in the film about a half-Indian, half-English businessman haunted by a mysterious woman. "It's a supernatural thriller like The Sixth Sense and is set in London and India," said Deepak Nayar, the film's producer. Wow. Would she leave the audience 'breathless' in the show?

Bon Jovi are hoping rock sensations Franz Ferdinand will join them onstage when their world tour hits Scotland in 2006. The hitmakers are huge fans of the Scottish chart stars since they heard the breakthrough single Take Me Out, and hope Franz Ferdinand will accept their invite.Guitarist Richie Sambora says: "Whoever shows up at our gigs has to play- whether it be Elton John or Eric Clapton. It's like a big jam session whether they like it or not. I think Franz Ferdinand are killer and I love their songs. We'd like to get them on stage to play with everyone." I'll be there for you...these five words I swear to you...please just take me out!! Hopefully there's no mix-mashing if Franz were to be involved. Sophia would not accept that, even at 40ft..
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sweet Neo Con

The Strokes have revealed details of their forthcoming new album, with the concept being a spaceman's view on events on this planet. Their third album will be released later this year, with a working title of 'First Impressions Of Earth'. Julian said: "The album's kind of about how someone from outer space would objectively view things happening on earth." The first single 'Juice Box' is due to be released in November. Two months left with huge anticipation for some reptilia-n music. They are still in the 12:51 mode it seems judging by the album title. D'yer wanna be a spaceman?

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney have split - just four months after marrying in the Caribbean. The couple shocked fans when they announced that they'd wed on May 9 in a sunset ceremony on St John in the Virgin Islands before 35 close family and friends. It was the first marriage for both. They are having their marriage annulled. The couple met at the 15 Jan Concert of Hope tsunami relief benefit, where Chesney sang and Zellweger took phone pledges. It is believed that her husband of four months does not want to have children.
Meanwhile, George Clooney's father has warned the actor not to get involved in another relationship while he is so involved in his career. "Some great woman is going to knock him off his feet," said Nick Clooney. "He will be a wonderful husband and father. George wants to have children but he won't have one without being married, so that is one thing that will force the issue." They would make a perfect couple.

The Cardigans - "I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer" video

Nina's dimples smile can melt anyone i betcha. A nice song too. Her voice sounds fab as ever and the chorus is particularly good.

Franz Ferdinand are pleased that their new album has leaked online, as fans can now get to know the songs when they play live. Kapranos remains unfazed by the situation though, "People will know the new songs when we play shows." Quite true. It was the same situation for their debut album. Every dude in town who discovered the hype before it truly began was singing along to every line during their mini gigs, before the album was even created. I was personally happy to declare the superiority of Franz to many people, months ahead of their debut on the media. As they say, You could have it so much better..

These are the top 10 "Living Hell Raisers":
1 Keith Richards
2 Courtney Love
3 Oldman Osbourne
4 Pete Doherty
5 Shaun Ryder
6 Tommy Lee
7 Johnny Rotten
8 Robbie Williams
9 Charlotte Church
10 Liam and Noel Gallagher

Quoted from an Arctic Monkeys gig review :
Like Babyshambles and The Libertines before them, the group possess an instinctive empathy with their crowd - the unwritten rule is "we're in this together and we're going to have a good time". Alex Turner's distinctive nasal drawl sometimes made it difficult to distinguish between tracks, but there's no denying he's a lyricist with a John Cooper Clarke-style common touch - and buckets of charisma too. Next year, people will be raving about these awesome foursome.

Dannii Minogue's back with the new single 'Perfection', featuring the Soulseekerz this track takes their excellent backing track which was at the top of every club chart last week and adds a Dannii vocals into it. Take a listen or view the video here. There are some hints of Fragma on some parts - is a grower after some repeats. The date of release is still to be confirmed.

Jenny Frost - Crash Landing single will be released on October 10. She has an okay vocals, compared to Tash.

Charlotte Church is infuriated by musicians like wayward Babyshambles star Pete Doherty who promote the stereotypical image of artists as "tortured souls", and she is convinced she'll have boundless musical success despite her perfect lifestyle. She insists there is no evidence that unhappiness creates inspirational music.
She said: "I don't buy that idea that you need to have had a hard life to make that kind of music. Although I have had hard times, I'm just not a tortured soul. Mind you, Pete Doherty's not that good anyway. Creates all this misery for himself to write songs and then doesn't even turn up to play them."
"And they're not that good anyway, are they?" She must really be a 'crazy chick' to think that his poetry songs are bad.

Medical facts on two high profile managers :

Alex Ferguson
The ailment: Inability to let the past lie.
The symptoms: Wearing a red nose six months after Red Nose Day. Believing the Champions League is a realistic ambition.
The cure: Concentrate on the Carling Cup.

Jose Mourinho
The ailment: Narcissus Syndrome.
The symptoms: Excessive and erotic interest in his own physical features.
The cure: Stick a picture of Birmingham's Steve Bruce on his mirror.

School kids in the North West might notice something very strange going on in their classrooms very soon; namely, one Liam Gallagher lecturing them on the importance of education. Sources reckon that all-singing/swearing/brawling Liam is over the moon at being asked to help motivate kids to do well at school. "He's a firm believer in education and wishes he had been more involved when he was a kid."
What's more: "Liam has been practising what he is going to say and he's ready to take control of the kids if they get unruly. But that's unlikely as they'll probably be so excited about seeing him." Title for the lesson is 'The Importance of Not Being Idle'.

Jamie Cullum has a mixed sound on his new album, a mix of his jazz sound with a mix of dance beats. Jamie's brother is a DJ and joined forces with him to try and play the new tracks live saying: "I've been trying for ages to play live to club beats and now I'm working on dance and electronic music with my brother, who DJs and produces house music. "It's something I've always been into but I haven't talked about it until now because people get confused by it. They think I'm a jazz guy who appeared on Michael Parkinson and that's it." As long it gets a kick out of him, the end product should be alright. ..doh dah duh dah, do duh dah dah dah...

Robbie Williams was paid the tidy sum of 1 million pounds to sing at a birthday party for Michael Spencer, a broker. But Robbie didn't keep the money, he gave it to charity. One guest said: "It was an incredible party that must have cost at least 1.5 million. It had everything money can buy and then some. The vintage wine and champagne included bottles worth thousands."
"When Robbie came on people could not believe that he was there playing to them in such an intimate venue. It was a night no one will forget." Intimate venue, charity donation, good music...that occasion must be 'something beautiful' for everyone.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Portia De Rossi wants to marry her lesbian lover Ellen Degeneres. But the former Ally McBeal actress insists the talk show star must ask her first. She said, "I have to be asked. But I love the idea of marriage. It's beautiful. I'm such a romantic and I always have been." Guess it's a pity for a stunner like Ms Portia preferring a lifestyle as a lesbian.

Alicia Silverstone has slammed Hollywood stars for being obsessed with their weight. She revealed, "So many young girls nowadays are bulimic or anorexic because of all this nonsense about weight. It's ridiculous. "To me, the only thing that makes someone attractive is if they're a good person." Oh yes. Too many stick-thin P.Hilton size wannabes around, including Hilary Duff.. This sad trend will not go away, especially for these 'clueless' souls.

Keano & Hen-ry are out for about 6 weeks. Can Lampar-d & Essien also get injured for long periods too?? Around the same time period.. Looney got his marching orders for sarcastically clapping at Kim Nielsen(hardcore no-nonsense dude) in giving him a yellow card at Villawell...Villareal. That boy never learn. Crouch-y & Sissoko are showing their worth as a Red player after a fantastic performance against a dangerous Real Betis side. But a win was registered for the first CL game in Spain.

Christine went home this week. Seven contestants were to represent the same no. of Sins. Rebecca had to do 'anger' shot in a graveyard after finding out her childhood pal passed away. Glad that she came through the ordeal in a positive manner. They were also trained on conducting interviews with celebs. Turned out that 'Eve' was the guest as an interviewee. Michelle thought she nailed it but Keenyah won. At the evaluation, they were being asked tough interview questions by the judges and applied what they've learned in being spontaneous to answering them. Final 6 left.

The Depature will release a single 'Arms Around Me' on Oct 10th. The B-side will be Arms Around Me (acoustic). Get ready to be mesmerized by yet another Departure song of juggernaut status. Meanwhile, a new Oasis track is on the "Goal" film soundtrack. The track, 'Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders?' is a Noel written and fronted. It will be released on Oct 17th. Sounds like an infringement on a player just by looking at the song title.. .

Local music. There was a debate on whether the likes of PLP(rubbish), The Observatory(promising) and Ronin(quality) would be at the recognition level of those musicians from US & Europe. Firstly, no matter what, if the music has substance then there should be little problems getting attention from the public. But the idea is how they are promoted. If very few peeps have knowledge on the band, then it is no use as MTV & radio can only do so much. Just like the S-league, there may be a couple of cracker matches now and then. But any sane football lover would prefer watching champions league and the epl over an S-league game. Same philosophy goes to this music debate. Western bands have a distinctly superior quality that draws in worldwide crowds.

An 'okay' effort to replicate the siblings band :
- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Hardest Button to Button.mp3 (White Stripes cover) ////

"We should ban skydiving" / "Rubbish forever piling up & not removed" / "Shift night-market further from MRT station in case of emergency" ==>>> W.T.F??? First bugger must have a terrible fear of heights and being taunted by pals for chickening out of skydiving events. Second joker can't solve the problem by calling the appropriate authorities but chose to complain to the public. The last goon-du is implying that every MRT station should be situated just like on the center of a soccer field, with an empty land of the same size surrounding it; so that it would be less dangerous if some misfortune event happens. Seriously, I don't know whether to laugh or take pity on these writers.

Lindsay Lohan claims she isn't ready to bare her body in a film yet. She said: "You won't see me taking my clothes off for a film. My fans aren't ready for more hardcore stuff yet, and I'm not." However, Lohan admits she is desperate to appear in more adult orientated films; wants to move away from teen roles/comedies but admits she is wary of alienating her young fans. She said, "I'd love to do more grown-up stuff. But I know that it's young girls who are watching my films and I don't want to turn my back on them." Just do it. Before Hilary and Ashlee overtakes her popularity = Mean Women II.

Christina Applegate decided to spice up a trip to Amsterdam recently - by viewing a live sex show. The actress said, "I could never go to a strip club... I've been to a live sex show, but I haven't been to a strip club. It's completely different. They have them in Amsterdam. I had to (go and see it), I was in Amsterdam. It was interesting. They would do their thing and then they would get up and bow and that was really cute. It's really sweet, actually, in some sort of twisted way." Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing; and the sweetest sin.

Oasis - Pass Me Down The Wine (TIOBI b-side)
There is something special about this song. Although it may not be appropriate if it were to be on the main album, this Liam-penned track is just pure brilliance. The lyrics seemed to send a message about all is not well in the world. An example would be - "What you got tomorrow? / Only pain and sorrow". I guess they wants to just chill out with some wine and run out some thoughts on what is happening around them. Just like "12:51", the vocals and guitars are on the same platform - in sync with each other. Come to the chorus, he sounds as if he's pleading for a better day, each day. It's so melodiously resounding that makes you wanna help whatever problems he is facing. Ace.

Lene Marlin - How It Would Be
This Norwegian lady released two "low-morale-effect" songs some years ago with 'Another Day' and 'You Weren't There'. With a new album on the horizon, she's back on the right track. This new song sounds a little bit more uplifting - concerning about how things would be different if she were still with some dude and making a different decision (mushy-thoughts-here-but-no-choice-its-a-good-song). Most of the lines are about questions on the 'what might happen' situations. You can say this will fit in nicely with any Lisa Loeb albums, those kind of 'sad, hopeful, encouragement' categories. Fookin hell. This is not rock n roll. Oh well. Credit is given where it's due. Anyways, the song would fit perfectly for you peeps(those &^%&*%*$@& romantic cases). Listen and then fookin cheer up, aight?

Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance
First of all, this is not a tribute song to some wiener goth-rock wannabe band. This is the new generation of brit rock that will be bigger than the libertines and stone roses. When you start to hear the introduction, the heavy banging tunes most probably remind you of some eighties detective tv serial show. Then after a while, it cools down with some soothing guitar hooks..calming you down just for a moment. Those memorable bassline tunes would definitely haunt your mind for some weeks. Out comes the vocals I guess it's about dissing some middle-class people about their attire and un-matching poor attitudes. Where the freakin hell they come up with the tunes that sound so 'happily married' to the vocals I have no idea. At one point, the bassline is just there alone for a while, reminiscent of Reptilia's bridge, except that the singer was not around this time. Then the guitars & drums comes into play..the vocals coming down a gear, as if he's reciting some poem in a "don't worry, i'm alright" manner. The phrase 'not in the same way' is repeated a couple of times until the heavy banging tunes returned for an encore ending...slowing it down to a spectacularly simple guitar hook. Of course, the bloody track has to be listened for a couple more times cause you missed those different bits of masterpiece sounds in ONE fookin' song.

If Graham Coxon were still with Albarn doing another Blur album this year, let's say, at the same time where The Rakes & Kaiser Chiefs are making their debut, are they able to compete with the new boys?? If it is in the same veins of 'Think Tank', then they can shut up shop and retire. Coxon is not doing that well it seems as a solo artiste. A pity, considering his capabilities as a songwriter in the country-house days.

Ian Brown has dimissed Kasabian as being just a 'tribute band'. "Those guys are trying to re-enact the Mad-chester era, and I don't think people will be speaking about them in 10 years time." Can imagine Tom Meighan & gang being in the era of Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, etc. Would they get the same recognition then? Don't think that their id-entity would be totally 'cutt off'..

Starsailor explode back on Oct 3rd with the release of 'In The Crossfire', the first single to be taken from their forthcoming third album 'On The Outside'. 'In The Crossfire' is an incendiary, hard hitting song which shows the band at their best. Its urgent and honest, setting the scene for an album which sees the band focused and reignited. Absolutely brilliant. At last. A NEW 'endless-repeat-but-won't-get-sick' Starsailor song. Enjoy.

Starsailor - In The Crossfire video
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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Outside Your Door

Charlotte Church attended the annual GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in Convent Garden, central London recently this month. She can breathe a sigh of relief after Gavin Henson revealed his groin is in tip-top condition. The Grand Slam hero told Wales he would be back in action in time for the autumn internationals after undergoing surgery on Friday. Rugby fans had feared his recovery period would also rule him out of the Six Nations. He quoted : "Everything down there is in perfect working order I can assure you of that!". Lucky for her that she did not suffer from a 'casualty of love'.

50 Cent has criticised A.Jolie and Brad for refusing to confirm whether or not they are a couple, because he believes the press would leave them alone if they behaved openly. Fiddy insists too much privacy can be dangerous for celebrities, as the media will go to great lengths to dig out any secrets. He said, "If you're a celebrity, people want to go on that journey with you. If you try to hide it, eventually the public's curiosity forces them to find out what's in your garbage can. When you don't allow people to have that information, they start to dig harder." He is damn right ya know. What is so difficult about admitting the truth? Just tell what people want to hear - that you left your loyal wife coz you got sick of seeing her face and would rather prefer to be close with an ugly, seductive slut whom you can't resist even though you are married. Shame on you, dude.

After too many delays to mention, Babyshambles debut album has been given a new release day of October 10 and is rumoured to be entitled 'Up The Morning'. "It's the best record I've ever made by a long shot. Always in the past, in every album review or single review, they've never ever discussed the songs or the music. I don't think they will happen this time. There're a lot of really sad songs on it, so it's quite hard mixing it, listening to those voices again and again and hearing those lyrics, but it's too late to turn back." He then began to mention that it will be like a new era, feeling like being completely part of a band. Guess there won't be any reunion of the Libs?

--The intro to Instinct Blues(W.Stripes) and the intro to Cigarette Smoke(A.Monkeys) sounds very cousin-ish --

Dublin's Samantha Mumba is to replace Rachel Hunter as the spokesmodel for lingerie giants Ultimo. Hunter has previoulsly took on the role from Penny Lancaster, who is engaged to her former husband Rod Stewart. The pop princess will soon appear in adverts for the new Per Amore range ahead of its launch later this month. This is cool. A humble and quality singer. Always thought that she is not the 'typical' artist during her debut some years back. This lady was from Roy Keane's country. No wonder she has class.

Ashlee Simpson has always wanted to embrace an acting career. Now that her sis is famous for playing Daisy Duke, Ashlee thinks she is ready for a great role of her own.
"I can't wait to do a character that is really out there," said the singer, who recently starred in her most noteworthy film role in the drama "Undiscovered". Her dream role might be that of a lethal, morally ambiguous character along the lines of those in some of her favorite movies.
"La Femme Nikita, the original, the French version is one of my favorites. That would be cool." Ashlee the main character in the A.L.I.A.S movie, anyone?

THE Mtv Video Music Awards 2005 should be renamed as "Mtv Hip/Hop RnB Music Awards 2005". The show is mostly about the likes of Nelly, R kelly, V smelly, p.u.f.f d.a.d.d.y, Kaya west, Snoopy dog, Usherer, etc...WTF? There is totally no balance in genres. Can't even watch it for 5 mins in peace without the need to switch channels due to being frustrated by the crap that is on show. Minimal exposure is given to rock and pop acts.

Ian Brown is backing Man Utd to beat Man City 5-0 in this weekend's derby! Brown, whose greatest hits album is out on September 19, said : "I'm the only Red in our family! You know my father, my brother, my brother-in-law, my 14-year-old niece and two of my uncles are all City season ticket holders. So I'm gonna say 5-0 to United!" The fact that City are currently above the Reds was of no concern to Brown either, as he added: "Yep 5-0 to United. Definitely!" Booooooooo!

Well done Mr Pierce!! If not for that bloody Van Der S-tar, stupidface cole guy could have scored the winner. 1-1 FT. As usual, a below par Chelski easily disposed Suckerland by 2 goals. For the gooners...they were embarrassed by a Maccarone winner at the riverside. Because god-knows-why, they die2 have to score a 'Jenny Frost' type of goal. If they were get a 'Pat Mok' goal, I guess Vang-er would order them to concede one back because it does not follow their philosophy. The Reds had their third clean sheet after a goal-less draw at white hart lane. Riise nearly got a 'goodness-gracious-me' volley shot goal from outside the penalty box but it crashed the crossbar and bounced away to safety. Damn I hate Jol's team. Anyways, if manyoo & gooners want to smell chelski's rosy position, they should sell Silvestre / Cygan to sunderland or newcastle because those are the clubs where they rightfully belong.

-- There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself. --

Polygamy issues have crept up lately. For sure, have as many wives/husbands as you want. As long they are ALL in agreement you can satisfy their needs(of any kind) till death do you part. You better have the bank balance of as least 1% equivalent to the wealth of Prince Harry. And the horse-power of err.. The Rock?? Or equally the 'drive' of Kate Hudson.. If you can't fill in the above needs, then just stick to your SIMS collection series.

Kim Clijsters & Roger Federer won the US Open. Both dominated their opponents in the finals. Mary Pierce was unlucky because Clijsters was more determined to prove that she is not just a 'runners up' player. And Mr Agassi had no answer to the Federer train. The men's category seems a little stale as almost 90% of them didn't learn how to defeat Roger. All of them should ask Safin for some tips. Federer = Sampras II.

Franz song "The Fallen" is just so fookin catchy that I can't stop singing/mumbling/thinking/humming it. Quite a lot of quality singles in the second half of this year. The likes of Lene Marlin, BRMC, Tatu, Cardigans, Depeche, Starsailor, etc are giving some joy to the music world that is brainwashed by hiphop/rnb (5% are acceptable) & low class so-called punk rock wannabes rubbish.

Boy George is set for a return to the charts after a 13-year break. The former Culture Club frontman briefly embarked on a solo singing career after leaving the group in 1987, before beginning a successful Djing career. He said "The next album will be reggae, but not Culture Club reggae. White-boy reggae." Oh no. Do he really want to huuurt us?

Pierce Brosnan has begged 007 filmmakers to spice up the next film's sex scenes or risk it becoming a flop. Brosnan insists producers need to make the next movie sexier and more violent. The dashing actor said "You're not even allowed to show a bloody nipple. It's pathetic. What Bond needs is a good, palpable killing sequence and a good sex scene." Nah. Simplicity is the key. Cut out the rubbish long lines or ridiculous over-the-top gadgets. But few would have problems about better steamy scenes. Except the forums' complainers of course.
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

What Katie Did

Goldie Lookin' Chain - YOUR MISSUS IS A NUTTER should top the charts all around the world.

Richard Keys quote "I don't know who sanction that group. They shouldn't be there. I couldn't make out whethere they are singing or speaking. They owe an apology to all of us.." Funny guy.

Rod Stewart lost his case for the 2million he owed to the Las Vegas casino bosses for failing to appear in a concert some years ago. Just give them back what belongs to them, Rod. What is 2mil to him? = Sunflower seeds.

Pulp/Radiohead double act : Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead stars Phil Selway and Jonny Greenwood will feature in the upcoming Harry Potter movie 'The Goblet Of Fire - as magical band Weird Sisters. The group was originally to have consisted of members of Franz Ferdinand but the Scottish rockers reluctantly pulled out of the project because they were so busy touring. Hmm...Harry Potter. Not a fan of the show but will somehow watch the clip of the Weird Sisters performance. What kind of name is that btw. Sounds like some razzmatazz plastic trees...

Leading Savile Row tailor William Hunt said: "Gary Neville is a really good-looking bloke and just doesn't know it. He's good looking in a De Niro way - hard face, bent nose and stuff. Has a great upper torso - fills a jacket well - and when he's out he looks a bit like Pacino or De Niro." Gary Neville along with his brother Phil, is often taunted by rival fans for being UGLY. But fashion experts (village standards!) have likened the rugged 30-year-old to screen icons Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Yeah right. And I'm the clone of Depp + Keanu.

50 Cent has accused Sean Combs of changing his stage moniker to resemble his own nickname, in a bid to boost his popularity. Combs has been known as Puffy, Puff Daddy and P Diddy to the world in the past, and recently announced plans to alter his name slightly to plain Diddy. But 50 Cent is known as Fiddy to a large number of his fans, and he's far from thrilled with the increasing similarities between his and Combs' nicknames.
He says, "I'm Fiddy and now Puffy wants to be Diddy, trying to move his name closer to me, you know what I'm sayin'? "When it's cold outside you gotta stay next to the fire to keep warm." Can't blame the puffy boy. His popularity is as good as the amount of Sunderland fans. That is why he decided to be 'in da club'.

Phil Collins has launched a scathing attack on Oasis after suffering years of insults from the band. The former Genesis star is furious with the brothers after they repeatedly labelled him boring and hateful. He says, "They're rude and not as talented as they think they are. I won't mince words here but they've had a go at me personally."
Noel Gallagher once ranted, "People fookin hate Phil Collins, and if they don't - they fucking should." LOL!!!
It's no secret. Phil is really boring. And i'm not referring to his songs..

Babyshambles went into a London studio and worked on the new song 'Bollywood To Battersea'. The track has been delivered to the War Child offices and is set for inclusion on the compilation. Other bands include the likes of Gorillaz, Bloc Party, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Zutons and Radiohead. There is a 30 seconds preview of each song. I like this bollywood song title. Another cool standout title is Gorillaz' "Hong Kong".

Christina Aguilera was spotted holding court with several admiring males in a cabana at West Hollywood gay hotspot The Abbey, with the curtains closed for privacy. No word if one of those admiring males was her fiance, Jordan Bratman. Maybe she's just holding an audition for the encore video of 'Dirrty 2'....

Girls Aloud Barbie dolls!

What the hell is Mark Burnett doing? The new season of The Amazing Race is made up of a family of four in each team. And the distance covered for the whole season is significantly cut down. How can it be more exciting with kids around? Imagine when they are reaching a pit stop and one of the juniors screams out "Mummy, I need to poo-poo now!!". The road blocks and detours should be less exciting to cater for the kids, unless they are excluded of course. How about flights? It's tough enough to fight for two airline tics but with another two additional tics to grab in a tight situation of little available spaces, there would be more delays surely. That would spoil the game structure. Safety issues are another thing. Cause the kids aren't alright!!

Alison Goldfrapp passed comment on the OC saying it was too dated and said she mistook it for Dallas when she first saw it. "I'm watching the OC. I don't know what's going on - I'm totally confused. I switched on TV on and thought it was Dallas or something from the 1980s, but it wasn't," she said. Next, she might have mistaken CSI for Silk Stalkings..

Babyshambles have been voted the worst act of the summer. They were named the most disappointing act after a series of shambolic performances. Pete, reached a new low at the Leeds festival when he reportedly headbutted Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell backstage. His performance with Sir Elton John at Live 8 was also widely seen as a disaster. "Pete Doherty's turbulent love life has done little in the eyes of music fans," a spokeswoman said.
A gang of gin would be needed for now. The music is what matters.

Ronan Keating's wife gave birth to their third child just recently. Yvonne delivered 8lb 3oz daughter Ali at 5 p.m. A spokeswoman for the couple said: "Ronan and Yvonne are thrilled and little Ali is doing fine." The pair already have one son and one daughter - six-year-old Jack and four-year-old Marie. Congrats. Another wonderful destination as a proud dad. If only every other guy is as nice as him, there would be no worries if 'tomorrow never comes'.

Pop star Robbie Williams grows misty-eyed whenever he sees Keira Knightley - because she reminds him of his childhood sweetheart. He was lucky enough to date a girl who was the spitting image of Knightley during his teenage years, and he is reminded of young love every time he gazes at the slender actress. He gushes: "Keira's gorgeous. She looks like the first girlfriend I had when I was 16." Hahaha...she really look kinda unique. Not spectacularly beautiful but is just special in her own way. So Rob, do you reckon that she's the one?

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good (On The Dancefloor) video
Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend ||||

'Boyfriend' is the new single from Ashlee. An addictive track. Arctic Monkeys has a lot of potential to be as successful as The Libertines...if you can't appreciate them then you've got no soul.

An innovative dance musician has invented a CD case that plays his songs - without the compact disc. The low-fi device, created by artist and composer Tristan Perich, works via a simple electronic circuit, programmed to play Tristan's music and packaged in a standard plastic CD case. All you need to do is plug in a set of headphones and listen to a sound quite unlike anything you've ever heard before. Tristan told us how he got the idea for the CD, named One Bit Music.
"I've been composing and creating art for a long time and started One Bit Music last year after I learned to program microchips," he said. "The one-bit concept is solid - it is the most reductionist that digital music can get as far as low-fi is concerned. "The chip that I used to program it is designed for industrial purposes."
And Tristan designed his multi-track CD-player-in-a-box to be sold in record shops to counter the booming on-line record sales. He explained: "I realized that you could package the whole thing in a small space, and putting it in a CD case meant that I could treat it like an ordinary CD, re-purposed with its innards replaced.
"It gives people a reason to go back to the record store now that online music sales are hot."
One Bit Music is due to be marketed on the high street soon by Cantaloupe Music.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hard-Fi prepare to release their new single 'Living For The Weekend' on 19th Sept. The title says it all: 'Living For The Weekend' is an hedonistic blast of guitar riffs and synth stabs, documenting the grinding out of nine-to-fives in pursuit of that Friday night clubbing buzz craved by a whole generation of British society. 'Living For The Weekend' is taken from Hard-Fi's debut album 'Stars Of CCTV'. A great song. Too bad they didn't win the Mercury Prize award. Some guy with a Birdy album won it.

Jamie Cullum, the UK's biggest selling Jazz artist ever, is set to release a brand new album 'Catching Tales' on 26 Sept. This follows the phenomenal 2003 release 'Twenty Something' which has sold 2.5 million copies and is the fastest selling jazz album in UK history. 'Catching Tales' is a breathtakingly accomplished record, more confident in both its experimentation and its intimacy. The first single from the album will be "Get Your Way" on 19th September. The track is written with hip-hop DJ and Gorillaz member, Dan The Automator and will be available on cd, vinyl and dvd formats. Jamie's back and probably what every jazz lover awaits. These are the days for sure..

Tatu release their comeback single 'All About Us' on Sept 26th. The Russians second album 'Dangerous and Moving' is released on October 10th. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina are Eastern Europe's most popular musical exports. In 2003 they released their debut album '200 KM In The Wrong Lane' outside of Eastern Europe.
The lead single 'All The Things She Said' became a global No.1 where it topped the charts in the UK for 4 weeks. The album went to sell 5 million copies around the world. All the things they are gonna sing would entertain listeners everywhere. It's all about them now.

Robbie Williams revealed the fantastic put-down he used on rampant Courtney Love. Robbie said: "She went to me, 'I asked my friends who I should sleep with and they said you. But I can't sleep with you because of the pop thing.’ And I went, 'Well I can't sleep with you because of the ugly thing.' " You just wonder how she reacted to that. Maybe she increased the dosage of her 'Lithium' pills.

Most women's breasts become tender when they have PMS. Another symptom is water retention where it's like you gained weight around the tummy area. Guys, these are signs to look out for when your chick is PMSsing :

1) She snaps at every damn thing.
2) Nothing you do or say is right and she seems like the most unreasonable person ever.
3) Her tummy looks unusually big (because of water retention).
4) All of a sudden, she craves for chocolates, sweets or food she doesn't usually like.
5) She cries over something minor you say or do. Not advisable to call her a crybaby. Comfort her instead.
6) She complains that her breasts are tender.
7) She feels insecure and unloved for no reason.

These are the feedbacks collected from me close mates. I think it's useful information for all males. As the saying goes, there's always a reason for everything..

Chris Martin has admitted that poor reviews of Coldplay's work gets the band down. He said : "The truth is it really does affect us. And this is the first time that we've responded to it. That's why we're having trouble knowing how to answer. There's no harm admitting that you're human and these things bring you down. That New York Times thing, yeah, it was f***ing devastating for us.'" This is why he is not the real deal. Can't accept criticism. The scientist needs to help these peeps who are currently feeling sad 'yellow'..

Matthew Perry now has a new neighbour in Hollywood...Lindsay Lohan. She has just purchased a three-bedroom condominium in a Sunset Strip-area complex for around $1.9-million. Perry bought a furnished two-bedroom unit in the same building in May (05) for around $2.5 million. Hmmm, will he be there for her when she needs someone to talk to about (daily)problems??

Good music videos :
Lene Marlin - How Would It Be ||||
The Research - C'Mon Chameleon ||||
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ain't No Easy Way Out ||||

John 'Elvis' was fired this week. Gene Simmons was not impressed at all by his pathetic story about his childhood days. Lil Kim looked so different without those ridiculous on stage make-up. Erin Elmore can be a very good tv host; she should join MTV part-time. Woooo! Gene is very cheeky during the charity auction show, playfully putting his finger into Erin's left ear & then giving a casual suck on that finger(!!!!!). Chris looked like he was gonna give Carolyn & George a knock out punch, the way he argued his point across to them. In the end, the so-called drummer John proved to be the weakest candidate with his poor negotiation skills.

Both Tiffany & Rebecca went home this week. Naima won the 'cockney challenge' where they have to act out a scene using that particular language. Then they have to do a lingerie photoshoot with some hunky guy where Rebec had some difficulties being comfortable on the set. At the elimination round, this Tiffany showed her crappy attitude when she decided against reading the hard to pronounce words on the screen. But after some persuasion, it seemed that she was one of the best speaker. And so, Miss Tyra told both of them to go home with a blank picture. Then she showed her beast-y character by lambasting Tiffany on her 'taking it as a joke' attitude after being eliminated. The other judges were a bit shocked with what is happening. But it's fun seeing Tiffany getting what she deserved. Lazy arse.

Natasha Hamilton revealed she finally decided to marry her boyfriend Fran Cosgrave. Hamilton, 23, started to date Fran after she split up with long term boyfriend Gavin Hatcher. She added, "I never thought we would get back together. There were so many issues that we needed to sort out when we split." Natasha started to date Fran, a former security guard of the boy band Westlife, in April 2001. They were engaged until January 2003 and have a son together, Joshua Hamilton Cosgrove, born on August 24, 2002. Hopefully this Gavin dude makes her life 'whole again'.

Franz Ferdinand have set their sights on landing the coveted Christmas number one spot on the UK singles chart later this year. A single released in November would put them in competition with Cliff Richard, traditionally a strong favourite for the festive crown. Kapranos said: "It would be great to get the Christmas number one. I suppose we could even write something special for Christmas. I think Santa Loves Franz Ferdinand sounds pretty good." Yes. A Franz song on top during the festive season is always "better on holiday".

Live 8 is to be released on DVD in November. The four-disc set will go on sale on November 7 and a percentage of the royalties will go to the Band Aid Trust. It will feature the full line-up of acts from the concerts in London and Philadelphia, plus highlights from the other gigs around the world. About half of the entire performance are worth watching, so me thinks it's feasible to purchase.

Lonely Kylie has been left to battle cancer without her doting boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, who has barely left Kylie's side since she was diagnosed with the killer disease - flew out to shoot a movie in Romania. And now friends are deeply concerned about how frail Kylie will cope without him. A source said : "Olivier is her rock and she has been dreading him going away. He will be gone for months and everyone is really worried about her."
In a further blow, Kylie will NOT now be performing at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in home town of Melbourne next March. It was being hailed as Kylie's showbiz comeback. But her management said: "We can categorically state that she won't be appearing at the Games." Nevermind. As long as she reschedule her postponed concert here when she starts to feel 'so high'.

Kim Clijsters has defeated Venus Williams and will meet Maria-Maria in the Semis. After recovering from a wrist surgery, Kim has finally returned to the big time. It was simply a breathtaking match where both competitors fought fantastically. There was one point where Kim extended her arms and legs to achieve a backhand shot and stunned Venus who flapped the return. A standing ovation moment. Quite remarkable how they easily made the ball flirt with the white lines in order to get the points. Now we shall see whether Kimmy can outclass the powerhouse Maria-Maria who don't look comfortable in her match up against fellow compatriot Petrova. Can't wait for the upcoming match. Wooo!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Declare Guerre Nucleaire

Robbie Williams is back with a new album on 24th October.

This is the tracklistening:
1 - Trippin
2 - Make Me Pure
3 - Spread Your Wings
4 - Advertising Space
5 - Please Dont Lie
6 - Your Gay Friend
7 - Sing Sing Sing
8 - Random Acts
9 - The Trouble With Me
10 - A Plane to Crash
11 - King of Bloke and Bird

Trippin will be the first single released in the UK on Oct 3rd.

This is rumoured to be the album cover... After cloning himself on a football field and then hanging upside down from some tall building, Robb decides to indulge in tarot cards now. Maybe he's sick of playing poker in the long bus rides..

Lisa Scott Lee's new solo single is called 'Electric' and is set to be released on the 10th Oct 05. Electric is written by Guy Chambers who has penned great tracks like Robbie Williams hit singles 'Angels' & 'Let Me Entertain You'. Lisa revealed that her new single 'Electric' is a new direction and cool pop. It's time for Lisa to 'step' up to the mark. Her previous singles are lacking in quality. And also, Rachel needs some good solo competition.

The White Stripes have announced details of their first ever live webcast. The band are currently on a North American tour, and will play at the Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion Theatre in Maryland on September 27.
A good idea there. Will ask Jolene to come over and watch it together. Can't wait for that particular 'doorbell' to ring.

Two fantastic new singles :
Jem - Wish I video
Bloc Party - Two More Years video

From the spur-ms devotee Edwin Yeo:
Here are the lessons in life I learned from just watching the first episode of Villa Wellness :

1) Fat is ugly. Almost every one of them said they wanted to lose weight and look beautiful. Meaning, Fat = Ugly.
Yup, we've known it all along. Why do you think women's magazines only use skinny models, just like the host of this show, Desiree Siaahan? Yes, it's to show what women should all aspire to be, because, as we all know, all men want to date models (hmmmm...). Dove can carry the feminist flag all they want, but it takes real guts to tell it like it is.

2) Get to the real problem. Villa Wellness did a great job with this, and that was that these 12 women were fat, unattractive and would never get ahead in life unless they lost weight. Never mind that her family calls her a 'mother pig' and 'aircraft carrier'. Such insensitivities from their own flesh-and-blood will go away the minute she looks like Desiree and becomes beautiful. Beauty, it has always been said, is skin deep. Villa Wellness reminds us indeed that skin is very important.

First of all, the host sucked. Secondly, it might be good to show that with proper regime, one can lose weight the right way. But to throw in the 'carrot' of Jon Johnson for a better motivation is a poor idea. What it meant was that all overweight people cannot get the hunks and hotties. Nah. Bollocks to that. I've seen some cases where one is grossly overweight but still achieved in the mission to get a nice looking partner. The Villa Wellness crew is telling the viewers that 'fei maos / gemuks' are hopeless people with low self esteem.
Fat = Ugly? So it means that Anorexic = Beautiful? The debate goes on...

I don't need no good advice; I'm already wasted
I don't need some other life; Cold and complicated
I don't need no sunday trips; Tea and sympathising
I don't need no special fix; To a-nae-sthetise me

Depeche Mode - Precious
On first listen, I thought it was an 'unheard' Depeche song from the 80s... With melodies too beautiful to be true. The Killers, Departure & Bravery peeps were probably still learning to walk when these original 'new romantics' introduced the world on this trend. With kinetic hooks, hypnotic vocals and a glorious chorus, this one song alone has already put the "Beware! Prolong Listening Ahead" sign on the upcoming album. Martin Gore should grow back that 'radish leaves' (those veges the mario bros plucked from the ground) hairstyle again. That would be nice.

Jennifer Aniston has fuelled speculation over her relationship with co-star Vince Vaughn by wearing a vest with his name emblazoned across the front. The actress was spotted taking a walk in Malibu, California sporting the garment which reads: "Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show" across the front. A lucky guy there.

Chelsea have been told Inter Milan star Adriano is staying at the San Siro - even though the champions continue to monitor him. Mourinho has made no secret of the fact he rates the Brazilian striker highly although they were unable to lure him to Stamford Bridge in the summer. Chelsea were understood to have enquired about the striker's availability during the transfer window but Inter were in no mood to do a deal with technical director Gabriele Oriali confident Adriano will remain in Milan. Mourinho will no doubt continue to track the Brazilian in the hope of landing him in the January transfer window. Adriano looked like someone from the Bill Cosby show but still unsure of which character. Mancini seemed confident that the brazilian powerhouse will be loyal to Inter because his squad is in better shape to get the Scudetto this season. He must not come to Stamford Bridge no matter what or else the EPL will become a one horse race in late February..

Someone forwarded this and I think it's cool :
"She fucking made me listen to that spawn of Satan, Siti Nurhaliza! PLEASE! ANYTHING BUT SITI NURHALIZA! I'd rather watch a millon episodes of Barney and 2 million episodes of Teletubbies than listen to Siti Nurhaliza!"
'A spawn of'...brilliant quote.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

She's In Stereo

Former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has dealt a massive blow to fans by ruling out a reunion - ever. This is despite each of the original band members — Ian, guitarist John Squire, drummer Alan Wren and bass player Gary Mounfield — being offered £1million by a promoter to reform. Come on. All of us Roses peeps still wanna be adored. That can't be the hardest thing in the world, aye?

Oasis are lending their track 'Lyla' to a computer game. The song will feature on the soundtrack to EA Sports FIFA 06 along with the likes of Royksopp’s ‘Follow My Ruin’, The Departure's 'Be My Enemy' and Bloc Party’s ‘Helicopter’. Composed of 39 songs in all, the soundtrack aims to give an international feel.
The game will be released towards the end of this month. With those kind of tunes in a game like that, the players will have 'little thoughts' of ending a session, thus having 'mucky fingers' from over-playing. Winning Eleven should incorporate some cool songs too.

Jennifer Aniston has agreed to a TV interview where she is tipped to pull no punches towards Brad Pitt.
Although Hollywood's golden couple have so far restrained themselves from being particularly hostile or critical towards each other via the media, Aniston has agreed to a TV interview, where she is expected to speak her mind. A source said : "She's spoken about the split to a magazine but feels she can explain her side of the story better on TV." Aaah..let it all out. Let the Rachel Green 'monster' emerge if you can. Watch this space.

Michael Owen Specials from bookmakers :
- 8/15 Owen to stay at Newcastle longer than Graeme Souness

This is a very interesting offer to consider.

Punk Legend John Lydon has warned Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty on his ongoing battle with hard drugs. Johnny Rotten, member of seminal 70's punk rebels The Sex Pistols, has come out and warned Doherty that his drug use could lead to his premature death. Lydon is worried that the hedonistic singer-songwriter will follow the same path as his former bandmate Sid Vicious, who died of a heroin overdoes in 1979 at the age of just 21. Lydon says, "All I can say is good luck to him. It's a hard life anyway. He's made a decision to play this drugs games. But I haven't seen many survivors. And I don't want to see him become another stupid rock death.
"Pete - calm down a little and start checking yourself. You're not impressing anyone. You're depressing."
Firstly, Damon Albarn wants to create a 'Make Doherty History' campaign. Then, Liam G spotted him amongst the crowd as a huge inflatable wiener. Too make it worse, Miss Charlotte-y Church called him a 'wanker' and told him to go home. Lol.. Now The Rotten Man has spoken about his views. Let's hope we don't see any 'Who Killed Bambi-shambles' headlines - ever.

Speaking of Damon, the Blur frontman has hit out at the Live 8 concerts for spreading the myth Africa is a hopeless cause. He was disillusioned by the way the live extravaganzas - intended to raise awareness of poverty in Africa - overlooked African musicians. He said: "Yet again it looks like Africans are failing. And yet again the missionary zeal of the West is blind to the fantastic potential and sheer lust for life that exists in Africa." Seems that he is not 'tender' about the whole affair. Maybe he can give some good ideas and not 'beetlebum'-ing away in cartoon land...

--One often contradicts an opinion when what is uncongenial is really the tone in which it was conveyed.--

Robbie Williams is reportedly set to star in a remake of 70s classic 'Saturday Night Fever'. The heartthrob singer is hotly tipped to play snake-hipped Tony Manero in the film, which is reportedly being remade by the Bee Gees. .The group will own their back catalogue of hits this year and are said to be planning a £20 million remake of the disco movie as their first project. Robin and Barry Gibb are said to believe Robbie would be perfect as Tony Manero, who was played by Travolta. A friend of the band said : "They have always wanted to remake the film and bring out a more modern version. "And Robbie is the ideal candidate to play Tony - he can sing, dance, is a good-looking lad and has loads of charisma." A supreme-ly good choice there. What you doin' and you’re laying on your back (on your back)... Would the hairstyle be the same too?

James Bond bosses are said to be frantically searching for a new star after dumping Pierce Brosnan. The 52-year-old actor - who played the title role in four Bond films - was officially dropped from the franchise earlier this month. Although filming on the new movie 'Casino Royale' is due to start in January, producers haven't found a star to play the dashing spy. Several stars - including Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, and Ewan McGregor - have been considered but casting directors can't agree on who should step into 007's shoes. John Cena, anyone?
No special weapons needed. He can finish them villians in a street fight, ending it with an 'F U'. And this movie is associated with gam-'bling'.. Bling = Doc. of Thugonomics.

Ashlee Simpson has got a tattoo to celebrate finishing her second album. The sexy singer has had the word 'love' etched onto the inside of her left wrist and cherries tattooed onto her ankle. She revealed: "I got 'love' because, for me, love is the most important thing. So I can give people love." Meanwhile, the blonde beauty is planning to celebrate her upcoming 21st birthday with lots of alcohol. Ashlee - who will become the legal US drinking age on October 3 - revealed: "I want so much wine and champagne. I just got a new house and I have the wine rack. So I want to fill that up. "As far as clothes and diamonds, I don't need that." OK. Two tattoos are enough. Don't start putting keywords from the 'autobiography' on your skin. That would definitely be a 'sorry' sight.

Walk home, come down, retreat to sleep!
Wake up, go out again, repeat!
Walk home, come down, retreat to sleep!
Hook up, again this time, next week!
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